Albert, your elder brother’s cool best friend. Quick with the wisdom and the wit, the put-down and the pick-up.
Born to stand-out, not stand-off; self-assured on the right-side of cocky. Step out in your Albert and be-that-guy, be-that-girl.

Albert's Smoke in Merino lambswool

Albert's Smoke in Merino lambswool

Modern Bakerboy flat cap in charcoal Donegal style Merino lambswool.

Hand-made in charcoal Donegal-style Merino lambswool, Albert’s Smoke is a modern take on the Bakerboy flat cap featuring a distinctive headband round the back.

Its stud-button peak allows for versatile angling so that it can be worn straight as well as tipped to either side.

100% Merino Lambswool



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