Choose Your Angle

The Albert carries the most volume on top and has a stud button that can be raised up and jigged sideways – or can be buttoned down for a more shaded look. Immortalised by a hell-raising Marlon Brando in The Wild One on his Triumph motorcycle and worn with a Perfecto leather jacket; the look is eternal.


The Jacob heritage cut has a hand-sewn peak. Steve McQueen in Man on the Edge wore his in black leather with a roll neck knit. His style conjures images of flight in a light aircraft in the classic heist movie The Thomas Crown Affair – and of tearing up beaches at high speed in a dune buggy with Faye Dunaway.

Worn timelessly by leading men and ingenues alike – think Jane Birkin and Lou Doillon, mother and daughter – decades apart – the Bakerboy cap signs off a look with flair and attitude.

The Theo is a classic Newsboy-Gatsby style cap and the younger brother of the Jacob. More fitted around the head, Theo’s lines are sleek and often carry contrast leather peaks. The peak is fitted with a stud button and can be worn raised or buttoned down to suit your mood. As worn by David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Gwen Stefani and George Clooney, this is a go-to style for contemporary heroes.


The Jack is a hybrid of a Newsboy and a Flatcap and is the most streamlined fit of the family. Championed by Michael Caine, Leonardo Di Caprio, Carrie Fisher and the Peaky Blinders, the Jack is heralded as an emblem of British heritage dating back to the 14th Century.


Mariner caps are as eternal as the sea and suit all generations of boys and girls, parents and grandparents. With a sturdy headband and a raised front, the structured peak is complemented by a central band in accent colours and trims. Celebrated by icons John Lennon, Madonna, and Elvis Presley alike, this is the one for people who don’t wear hats… yet.