Mister Miller crafts each cap by hand, working only with the finest wools and tweeds from the mills of North Yorkshire, the Highlands and Hebrides. 

Mister Miller Bakerboy Delivery Van

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You don't need an excuse to wear your Mister Miller,
you need a good reason to take it off

The Albert Bakerboy

Albert is a modern take on the Bakerboy cap featuring a distinctive headband around the back. Its stud-button peak allows room for angling so it can be worn straight as well as tipped to either side. 

The Jacob Bakerboy

Jacob is a classic Bakerboy cap with a hand sewn peak. Its 8 hand crafted panels set at perfect angles against the central button at the top.

The Theo Newsboy

Theo is a classic 8 panel Newsboy cap with a modular peak featuring a stud-button for versatile angling.

The Jack Newsboy

Jack is a Slim cut Newsboy cap with 8 panels, each one a different size. They are individually cut by hand and sewn together around a covered button at the crown.

The Skipper Mariner

Skipper is a classic mariner cap with curved peak.